Mixer Lead (Norcross)



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As a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, Holcim is enabling greener cities, smarter infrastructure and improving living standards around the world. With sustainability at the core of our strategy, we are becoming a net-zero company, with our people and communities at the heart of our success. We are driving circular construction as a world leader in recycling to build more with less. It’s all thanks to our 70,000 talented people around the world who are passionate about building progress for people and the planet through four business segments: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates and Solutions & Products.


Holcim people are passionate about finding better ways to build. They embrace innovation and improvement with a pioneering spirit. They work as trusted partners, creating better solutions and experiences for their customers, communities, and colleagues.

Starting Hourly Wage: $26.00


We are currently looking for highly skilled Mixer Lead to work out of our Norcross, GA facility.


We offer a great benefits package, 401K and Tuition Reimbursement!


Do you strive to continually improve day after day and want to surround yourself with a likeminded team?  Do you want to be part of an organization that views people as the most important asset and serves others?  Do you want to serve your team and inspire them to grow and do great things?  If yes, Holcim Building Envelope Division is the right fit for you!


Holcim is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive product portfolio for commercial building performance solutions.


To establish a standard set of work requirements for Production Team Leader’s job. Overview requirements of the position are Safety; Teammate Relations; Metals – Quality and Environmental; Quality; Production Performance; and Housekeeping. The Production Team Leader is responsible for the safety of all teammates in their area of responsibility. Teammate relations is key to any good manufacturing operation. As a member of the management team, you are expected to fully support, embrace, and utilize our Metals system in all facets of your job. Quality is the single most important aspect of our product. As a member of the management team, you should have a strong grasp of what acceptable quality is with our product and our packaging.  Successful production performance requires a strong focus. As a front-line Lead, you carry more influence on production performance than any other member of the management team.  One of your focus points should be performance standards (i.e., scrap & waste, line speed, and machine utilization). Good housekeeping is essential to the safe and happy wellbeing of our teammates as well as important to create a good manufacturing environment.


Duties and Responsibilities

Managing all the control points of the "Line Driven Safety Program" in their area of responsibility.

Ensuring the proper use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), by each and every teammate in his or her area of responsibility. There is a comprehensive program on PPE in the safety files director's office.

Leading all teammates in the proper compliance of our "General Plant Safety rules".

Ensuring that all the proper guidelines are met when using a fork truck in the plant.

Investigating and reporting all accidents that happen in their area of responsibility.

Reviewing all accidents that happen in the plant in their area or any other area. This review should be used as training to avoid similar accidents by other teammates.

Monitoring the completion of their teammates daily IIP's.

As a Team Leader you should spend 70% to 80% of your time on the floor. While you are on the floor you should be observing, training, and coaching. Minimal time should be spent in the office, and even less time should be spent in the front office.

All hours worked by you and your teammates should be managed by you and your supervisor. No one should work overtime without you first being aware and scheduling that teammate.

Attendance should be monitored closely for each teammate. The corporate attendance policy should be strictly enforced.

When calling in, a teammate should always talk to someone in supervision. Team Leaders should seldom miss work, but if they do, they should make personal contact with their department manager.

It is very important that all teammates in your area of responsibility are given timely and fair performance reviews. A review should be honest and fair. If a teammate has a problem area, he or she should be counseled to help them correct it.

As a member of the management team it is your obligation to fill out documentation of all sorts on your teammates from corrective action counseling to praise for a job well done and anything in between.

Managing the attitudes of your teammates as well as managing your own attitude is essential to have good teammate relations. Verbal abuse, gossiping or in-fighting, or blatant verbal attacks on other teammates, members of the management team, or the company should not be tolerated by you.

You should know the quality and environmental policies and practice it in your every day business. It is more than a policy; it is a philosophy to run our business by.

A major part of our Metals program is the documentation that allows it to work. Training needs assessment, non-conformances, etc. are just a few of the key things we need to document.

Writing or revising procedures and work instructions is something that each Team Leader should be adept at.

For our finished product to be first quality material it must first meet several points of criteria. As a member of the management team, you should be able to thoroughly read a finished product specification and ensure that the product that you are making is first quality.

Top quality finished product packaging is essential in our industry. It is imperative that the package that we send out conforms to specification to meet safety and marketing standards.

You also need to be aware as the shift goes on of quality statistics. In other words, as your shift progresses you should be in contact with the Quality Assurance teammate lab technician to know the quality statistics of the product that you are running.

It is the responsibility of the production Team Leader to have intimate knowledge of their line and to be able to troubleshoot problem areas. The Team Leader should be able to assess minor things that need to be fixed and should also be able to assist the maintenance relief teammate in repairing things.

As a production Team Leader, you will also be accountable to know where your teammates are always.

A comprehensive list should be made out prior to maintenance day to make the most efficient use of the manpower you have available to you.

As a Team Leader you should have full knowledge of how a Production Tech teammate spends their entire day. You should assign projects and follow up that these things are being completed.

Accountability for “radio communication” falls directly on the Team Leader. You should constantly be aware of the communication that goes on during your shift. If any teammate is using inappropriate language or displaying a negative attitude that detracts from your team building efforts, you are responsible to counsel this teammate in the proper manner.

As part of a larger team you are responsible for consistent application of all plant policies. We must ensure that we are very consistent on all policies, for all teammates, on all shifts, up to and including team leaders.

Teammates in your area of responsibility should be held accountable to sweep and clean their workstation daily.

Communication between the oncoming and off going team leaders is a must to ensure the best possible environment.

When tools are not in hand they should be in storage.



High school degree; or 1-2 year vocational training/associates degree.


Working Conditions

The working conditions include an indoor dusty non-air-conditioned industrial manufacturing and warehouse environment. Subject to temperatures that range from 65 to 90 degrees in the general working environment and hotter in certain areas of the plant. Occasional outdoor activities in hot or adverse weather. Twenty-four hour working environment with multiple shifts and varying schedules.


Physical Requirements

Must be able to lift up 50 pounds. Must be able to climb ladders, railcar platforms, lift and carry hoses, kneel, bend, reach and stoop. Periodic periods of prolonged sitting and data entry work.

Occasional forklift use.


At Holcim, there is endless opportunity for you to play your part. Whether you’re in a technical, managerial, or frontline role, you can shape a career that works for you. With us you’ll have the chance to embrace the passion we share for our planet. You’ll be encouraged to seek out diverse perspectives, share your ideas and build the skills and connections you need to perform at your best. Because it’s only when we work together in a culture where everyone thrives, that we can build the world we all want to live in.